You have 2 opportunities to appeal your Cook County property taxes every year.

The first opportunity to appeal is at the Cook County Assessor, which generally opens for appeals between from January to October. The second appeal is at the Cook County Board of Review, which generally opens for appeals from August to February. Each Township receives a 30 day time period at the Assessor and the Board for appeal. Exact dates are not released in advance. Our service keeps track of all dates and deadlines very closely, and can provide you an idea of when you can expect your Township to open for appeal. We will notify you when your Township is open.

If you choose to use our service we will analyze all of the data from the available properties in your neighborhood with the same land-use code as your property. We will look at several factors including square footage, construction type, age, and assessed value. Our analysis will provide the necessary evidence that will prove that you are over assessed, and paying too much in property taxes. This evidence will be used to present a lack of uniformity appeal. All required documentation will be submitted on your behalf by our in-house Attorney. You will only need to complete a simple online questionnaire, and sign our online Attorney Authorization form. We will do the rest!

We charge a flat rate of $149.99 for our service, there are no other charges or a percentage of your savings due. Our service is guaranteed, if you fail to get a reduction for the current appeal year we will process your appeal for the following year at no charge.

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