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“This is a team with over 60 years of experience in the residential appraisal, real estate law, property tax appeal, data technology, and customer service industries.”

DIY was founded in 2010, and built on the premise of assisting the Cook County homeowners community with the ever growing property tax epidemic. That’s right, instead of charging exorbitant contingency fees, and other hidden costs, we decided early on that it would be our mission to give an affordable option to homeowners. At DIY we are advocates for fair assessments, charging a reasonable rate for our service, and setting reasonable expectations. Not only do all of the partners live in Cook County, but we all pay property taxes here as well, we know exactly where you are coming from.

Have you ever received a card or letter in the mail claiming, “You can potentially save thousands of dollars in property taxes, just sign here!”? To be clear, that was not us. We know better, our experience, education, and expertise, would never allow us to create false expectations for our clients. We want you to be informed, understand how the process works, and know what to expect. There is no downside to appealing, except for how you pay for your appeal.

Extensive data analysis.

It's all about the comps. We have every Township, neighborhood, and building type broken down the to square footage. We update every township for changes regularly, and get our data directly from the Cook County assessor. We can tell you within a tenth of a percentage point where you stand as compared to anyone that meets your neighborhood and land-use code criteria. Our proprietary software can do this in seconds, we have it down to a science.

DIY Tax Appeals LLC was founded to assist property owners in Illinois to receive a fair assessed valuation of their properties and to provide support to to protest real estate tax assessments. DIY strives to provide a simple “do it yourself” cost-effective solution for protesting county tax assessment of properties.

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