Am I overassessed?

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Most likely you are overassessed, and in most cases by at least 15% or more. Unfortunately the assessments in a particular neighborhood and land-use code can fluctuate drastically. Chances are that you are paying more than your fair share, and are assessed higher than you should be. This means that there are always several properties that meet appeal criteria, and these properties can be used to build a case on your behalf. If you are severely overassessed, you could be paying up to 30-40% or maybe even more than you should be.

Still not convinced?

Our proprietary technology can break down every property in your neighborhood and land-use code to determine the severity of your over assessment to the sq ft. We look at the age, construction type, building assessed value, and square footage of living space. We can then determine which of properties are paying the least per sq ft, and where your assessment stands among them.

Want us to take a look?

Please fill our our form for more information, we will do a free analysis of your property, and let you know if your property qualifies for appeal.

DIY Tax Appeals LLC was founded to assist property owners in Illinois to receive a fair assessed valuation of their properties and to provide support to to protest real estate tax assessments. DIY strives to provide a simple “do it yourself” cost-effective solution for protesting county tax assessment of properties.

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