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It’s simple, we appeal until we win.

Flat rate, no other charges, no hidden fees, no risk.

How can we do it?

96% of our clients receive a reduction at some point. There are a very small percentage of cases where there is not enough supporting evidence to proceed, and there are other factors that can make the appeal process unfavorable, in that situation we will just issue a full refund. In fact if we analyze your property and find that you are not over assessed to begin with, we will not take the case, and will issue a full refund immediately.

We know that through handling tens of thousands of Cook County property tax appeals that generally 40% of all appeals are denied to begin with, and many of the ones that are winners are only given small reductions. That’s why we keep going. It may take several appeals to get a reduction, but we always put the best case forward, and as your advocates we want you to get a reduction as soon as possible.

When is my guarantee met and what does my package include? When you purchase an appeal package it will include the Assessor’s appeal and the Board of Review for the year in question. If you have already missed the Assessor’s appeal it will only include the Board of Review. If you win one of these appeals our guarantee is met. If there is not a reduction for the year in question then we will go to the first appeal of the following year at no charge.

Again we will appeal until you are successful, no extra charges.

DIY Tax Appeals LLC was founded to assist property owners in Illinois to receive a fair assessed valuation of their properties and to provide support to to protest real estate tax assessments. DIY strives to provide a simple “do it yourself” cost-effective solution for protesting county tax assessment of properties.

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