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Two Opportunities

Cook County offers 2 opportunities to appeal your property taxes every year, not just the reassessment years but every year. First at the Assessor’s Office, and second at the Board of Review. Dates for the Assessor are usually posted in January for the session, but exact dates for the Board of Review are not released in advance, they will post as they open.

If you choose to use our service we will analyze all of the the available properties in your neighborhood and land-use code. We will look at several factors including square footage, construction type, age, and assessed value. Our extensive analysis will provide the necessary evidence that will show that you are over assessed. This evidence will be used to present a lack of uniformity appeal. We will handle the filing for both appeals completely.

#1 Cook County Assessor

The first opportunity to appeal is at the Cook County Assessor, which usually opens for appeal between from January to October. Each township is given a 30 day window in which to submit an appeal. The Assessor does not require evidence to review your case for this appeal, but you can, and we do submit 6 of the best comparable properties to support all of our appeals with the Assessor. Results are generally posted about 60-90 days on the Assessor’s website. They also mail a hardcopy via US Mail. This appeal is not as extensive as the Board of Review but can certainly produce positive results.

#2 Cook County Board of Review

The second appeal is at the Cook County Board of Review, which usually opens for appeal from August to February. Each Township also receives a 30 day window in which to submit an appeal to the Board. This appeal is more extensive than the Assessor’s appeal. For this appeal we would submit 9 comparable properties including a square footage breakdown, your settlement statement if necessary, an attorney authorization, and our attorney brief requesting a lower Assessed Value based on the evidence we provide. Results are generally posted online at the Board of Review website about 90 days after the appeal process is completed.

We charge a flat rate of $159.99 for our service, there are no other charges or a percentage of your savings due. Our service is guaranteed, if you fail to get a reduction for the current appeal year we will continue to process your appeals at no charge until we get a reduction.

DIY Tax Appeals LLC was founded to assist property owners in Illinois to receive a fair assessed valuation of their properties and to provide support to to protest real estate tax assessments. DIY strives to provide a simple “do it yourself” cost-effective solution for protesting county tax assessment of properties.

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